Academic Interests

My research focuses primarily on the Environmental Seismology (EnviroSeis). EnviroSeis aims to use seismic techniques in studying the Earth's surface processes. These processes include mass movements such as landslides, debris flow and rock/snow avalanches; glacial phenomena such as icequakes, glacier collapse/melt; water dynamics phenomena such as water level changes, water flow turbulent and river sediment transport. Focus is broadly defined as source dynamics of earthquake, landslide and icequake, and monitoring of river processes (flow turbulent and bedload transport) and ground water level through predominantly seismic methods. While my focus is on fundamental research, most of my projects have direct ties to geohazards monitoring. Main goal for my research is to provide relevant information on the dynamics of surface processes, and thus allow for rapid hazard assessment and timely warning. Recent projects/paperwork include:

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